Extreme Outdoor Crap Eating Picnic

These ladies go out to love nature and have a nice picnic. All that food makes them want to take fat shits. That’s why they have their toilet slave tied to a tree. When they are ready to crap, they step inbetween him and the tree and kaviar right into his mouth. This masked toilet slave loves crap eating and will stop at nothing to please his scat mistresses.

Extreme Outdoor Shit Eating Picnic

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Slave Gobbles Lady Bella’s Shit

Love some unique angles of this masked slave eating the poo out of Lady Bella’s butt. He lies masked, nude and abased in the bathroom waiting for his scat dominatrix to give him a mouth total of turds. She shits out several turds into his mouth then turns around so she can shove the shit in his mouth to make sure that he doesn’t waste any of it. He has to swallow it all.

Slave Eats Lady Bella's Shit's Shit's Shit

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Hot and Messy Kaviar Eating Lesbians

Domme Natalia Martinez is a hot brown-haired feces eating lezzie and so is her female toilet slave Luanna. The doll’s go outdoors for their feces eating because they know how messy they can get. They passionately slurp each other’s assholes while they are shitting. Natalia adds more humiliation to the session by shoving the shit in Luanna’s mouth and leaving her lying on the ground completely covered in smelly scat.

Hot and Messy Shit Eating Lesbians

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Domina and her scat fetish

This domme knows how to throw a party. That is why her parties are always utter. People know they will have lots of joy at her parties and hence they never leave. Today she had another party and this time, she had a slave who she dreamed her friends to humiliate. And they did this by defecating on his face as well as into his mouth. He had no option but to eat.

Mistress and her scat fetish

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Man Maid Poo Eating Domination

The beautiful and glowing Messalina sees her abjected poop slave dressed like a maid and crawling around worshipping her feet and bootlicking. She stands up, pulls her pants down and starts tightening to poo. Her toilet slave scurries over and licks her kaviar right from her asshole. He chews it up and swallows it because he worships his scat mistress and would do anything to please her and make her happy.

Man Maid Shit Eating Domination

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Pushing Feces in Her Slave’s Mouth

Domme Karoline is a scat mistress and looks sexy even when she’s making her slave eat her poop. She sits on his mouth and entirely fills his mouth with her kaviar. His mouth starts overflowing so she furthers his abasement by using her foot to shove the smelly turds deep into his mouth making him eat them and guzzle them or he will choke on them. This is a very extreme scat video.

Shoving Shit in Her Slave's Mouth's Mouth's Mouth

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Dominatrix Roberta compels boyfriend to buy new appliances

Dominatrix Roberta wished fresh appliances in the house and her beau was not buying them. She waited for him to buy but he did nothing. So as a last resort, she determined to use a fierce method to make him buy them. She made him eat her poo and degraded him until he agreed to do it. And he did for fear of a repeat of the humiliation she handed him.

Mistress Roberta forces boyfriend to buy new appliances

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Poop Eating and Humiliating Facesitting

These 6 ladies are students who get abasing and brutal with their toilet slave. He lies defenseless in the floor while they poop right in his mouth. When they crap out big smelly turds right into his mouth, they force it further into his mouth with brutal facesitting so he will be compelled to chew and swallow their nasty shit or he will be smothered by their huge turds.

Shit Eating and Humiliating Facesitting

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Domme Isabella penalizes contractor for too many excuses

Domina Isabella was tired of the never ending excuses from her contractor. She dreamed an end to it and she was ready to cut her losses. Before she did, she called him to her place and as she listened to another excuse, she knew she couldn't take it anymore. She caught him by surprise and pinned him on the floor and made him munch and eat her crap. She pooped directly into his mouth.

Mistress Isabella punishes contractor for too many excuses

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