Mandy Fores Shits in a Plate

Mandy Flores is a petite scat goddess who loves to play with her feces and piss. She leans over with her sleek and sexy arse and thrusts out a turd the size of her arm right on to a plate. She also fills a glass with her warm piss so she has a total meal for her slave. Will you be her scat slave and eat her shit and drink her piss?

Mandy Fores Shits in a Plate

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Messaling the Beautiful Defecating Bride

Beautiful Messalina looks even more beautiful in her wedding dress, but she still needs to poop. It’s a good thing that her maid man kaviar slave is around so she doesn’t even have to get up from her chair. She catapults her sweet arse to the side while her toilet slave holds his mouth open to eat her fat solid turd. He chews on it and gulps it then goes in for more.

Messaling the Beautiful Shitting Bride

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His very first time with caviar

A fresh toilet slave wants to taste the scat of domina Michelle. Sure she gives him his introduction – but that's not a soft one at all; she shoots her turds straight into his mouth so that he slightly can chew before he guzzles her poo deep down. Michelle doesn't give him so much attention, at very first he has to eat some more crap to prove that he's a functional and well behaved toilet slave!

His first time with caviar

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Dominatrix punishes husband cruelly for cheating

This domme was disgusted by what her hubby had done. He had cheated on her and yet she had labored to be faithful to him despite all the interest from better looking and wealthier guys than him. She had to penalize him and she did. She poo on him and when he shifted his face and missed the crap, she picked it up and shoved it down his mouth and wiped his face with it. She also used him as her human ashtray.

Mistress punishes husband cruelly for cheating

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Domina Scatha punishes guy she hates

Dominatrix Scatha hates this dude and she desired to showcase him how much. He had never taken a hint and she dreamed to give him a hint he would never leave behind as long as he lived. She made him lie on a bed and she poop onto his face and made him guzzle all that shit. She wanted that to be the last time he ever bothered him and for him to know she does not like him at all.

Mistress Scatha punishes guy she hates

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Poop Sandwich and Whip Cream

Alexa is a gorgeously hot and sexy dark-haired who prepares a meal for you. It’s a crap sandwich. What does good with a poo sandwich? Whip fluid of course. This horny scat mistress arches over and smears whip cream all over her sexy ass and rubs it around her asshole where she made her shit sandwich. Do you want to be Alexa’s toilet slave and eat her shit sandwich?

Shit Sandwich and Whip Cream

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Broke dominatrix makes money defecating on slave

This domme was broke. She went online to look for something to do to make some money. She came across an ad looking for a domme. It didn't look hard so she determined to do it. She had to penalize and humiliate a slave for money. And she did it like a pro even if it was her very first time. She facesits on the slave and also shits into his mouth. It was joy!

Broke mistress makes money shitting on slave

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