We need to feel comfy…

Together with my gf we have some joy and talk about different kind of crap. Then we realize that we truly have to take a poop! We are glad that our toilet slave is nearby! So he just has to open his mouth and then we can begin defecating into it! She seems to be a little bit disgusted but this is not our problem – we feel more comfortable now and this is the only thing we are interested in…!

We need to feel comfortable...

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Extreme Outdoor Crap Eating Picnic

These ladies go out to love nature and have a nice picnic. All that food makes them want to take fat shits. That’s why they have their toilet slave tied to a tree. When they are ready to crap, they step inbetween him and the tree and kaviar right into his mouth. This masked toilet slave loves crap eating and will stop at nothing to please his scat mistresses.

Extreme Outdoor Shit Eating Picnic

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Slave degraded cruelly by dominatrix

Few slaves get to be penalized like this slave. Lady Amy went berserk on him and made him sweet the floor with a broom in his mouth. She also made him drink her piss like a dog from a cup. She abased and degraded him to the fullest extent she could manage and to the fullest extent he could take it. Then she laughed at him and told him to go away.

Slave degraded cruelly by mistress

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Gina uses her individual toilet

Gina may be sexy and gorgeous, but there is nothing sweet or appealing about her muddy, moist diarrhea shits that her slave has to eat for her. After trapping him underneath her toilet seat, she spreads her arse cheeks broad so her well used anus is fully open above his mouth. Then she lets her nasty and foul smelling shit slide out of her hole and fall right into his mouth.

Gina uses her personal toilet

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Slave Gobbles Lady Bella’s Shit

Love some unique angles of this masked slave eating the poo out of Lady Bella’s butt. He lies masked, nude and abased in the bathroom waiting for his scat dominatrix to give him a mouth total of turds. She shits out several turds into his mouth then turns around so she can shove the shit in his mouth to make sure that he doesn’t waste any of it. He has to swallow it all.

Slave Eats Lady Bella's Shit's Shit's Shit

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Crap Eating in the Rain

Lovely blonde in a white jacket takes a brisk walk through the forest with her umbrella because it’s raining. She has her toilet slave in tow in case she needs to take a kaviar. Sure enough, she feels the urge and he lies down on the ground like a good toilet slave so his scat dominatrix can pack his mouth total of her nasty kaviar. He chews on a mouthful of it.

Shit Eating in the Rain

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Good Morning Toilet Slave

From now on he only sleep on toilet. So I degrade him. But it also has an advantage. My toilet slave is always ready when I need a toilet at night. Here I am brushing my theeth at the morning. Meantime he lies under me and I can urinate and save my time a little. Then I drool all the sauce in his mouth. Afterwards I pressed my crap out of my butthole and all the poop plopped into his mouth. Eat the kaviar and wait.

Good Morning Toilet Slave

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Hot and Messy Kaviar Eating Lesbians

Domme Natalia Martinez is a hot brown-haired feces eating lezzie and so is her female toilet slave Luanna. The doll’s go outdoors for their feces eating because they know how messy they can get. They passionately slurp each other’s assholes while they are shitting. Natalia adds more humiliation to the session by shoving the shit in Luanna’s mouth and leaving her lying on the ground completely covered in smelly scat.

Hot and Messy Shit Eating Lesbians

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