We need to feel comfy…

Together with my gf we have some joy and talk about different kind of crap. Then we realize that we truly have to take a poop! We are glad that our toilet slave is nearby! So he just has to open his mouth and then we can begin defecating into it! She seems to be a little bit disgusted but this is not our problem – we feel more comfortable now and this is the only thing we are interested in…!

We need to feel comfortable...

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Slave degraded cruelly by dominatrix

Few slaves get to be penalized like this slave. Lady Amy went berserk on him and made him sweet the floor with a broom in his mouth. She also made him drink her piss like a dog from a cup. She abased and degraded him to the fullest extent she could manage and to the fullest extent he could take it. Then she laughed at him and told him to go away.

Slave degraded cruelly by mistress

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#279 Shitty Pink Panty

I need to release the poop out of my big Queen arse. I get on my knees ready for you to idolize the poo pouring out of my ass hole. My poop pours out like creamy chocolate, and it feels so good getting it out of my figure. I permit you to smooch my dirty anus as I thrust my anus making sure all of my shit if out of my ass. I put on my dirty pink cotton thong to wipe clean my chocolate treats I left behind. My awaiting panty servant will be very pleased that I messed up my thongs even more! Worship my worn shit stained thong! Message me if you desire to buy my dirty worn panties and have video showing Goddess preparing how dirty they get for you to worship!

#279 Shitty Pink Thong

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Dominatrix Jenny Gina abases friend’s slave

Domina Jenny Gina was asked by her friend to penalize a slave. She loves abjecting slaves and her friend knew that she had not been able to penalize or humiliate any since her slave left. So she asked Jenny Gina to penalize her slave. She took her friend’s slave to the toilet and turned him into her human toilet. She feces on him and made him guzzle her poo. It brought back some great memories and made her feel great.

Mistress Jenny Gina humiliates friend's slave

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Lady Joice Very first Time P2

Lady Joice love it to observe how Dominatrix Michelle is using the toilet slave and take the cane to give him the support what he need to gulp all her poo because the toilet slave is very slow with his job as a human toilet. The cane do a good job and the slave has guzzled all soon. Then Lady Joice needs a toilet. She uses the toilet slave for her very first time and urinating and shitting him into his slaves mouth.

Lady Joice First Time P2

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Miss Cheyenne and Cara’s Toilet Slave

Miss Cheyenne and Cara Cariss are two crazy and predominant mistresses in black spandex who render their toilet slave vulnerable by wrapping him in plastic. She humiliate him with nasty crap eating and pissing until his face is covered with their waste. Their scat fetish motivates them to piss on their human toilet and crap phat turds in his mouth. They add rimming to his humiliation and won’t even let him up for air.

Miss Cheyenne and Cara's Toilet Slave's Toilet Slave's Toilet Slave

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