Mystique makes boy eat crap and drink pee

This dude was obsessed with Dominatrix Mystique and dreamed to fuck her brains out. She agreed but he had to do something for her. He agreed. She made him eat her poop and wash it down with her pee

Mystique makes guy eat shit and drink pee

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Lady Joice Very first Time P2

Lady Joice love it to observe how Dominatrix Michelle is using the toilet slave and take the cane to give him the support what he need to gulp all her poo because the toilet slave is very slow with his job as a human toilet. The cane do a good job and the slave has guzzled all soon. Then Lady Joice needs a toilet. She uses the toilet slave for her very first time and urinating and shitting him into his slaves mouth.

Lady Joice First Time P2

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Miss Cheyenne and Cara’s Toilet Slave

Miss Cheyenne and Cara Cariss are two crazy and predominant mistresses in black spandex who render their toilet slave vulnerable by wrapping him in plastic. She humiliate him with nasty crap eating and pissing until his face is covered with their waste. Their scat fetish motivates them to piss on their human toilet and crap phat turds in his mouth. They add rimming to his humiliation and won’t even let him up for air.

Miss Cheyenne and Cara's Toilet Slave's Toilet Slave's Toilet Slave

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Princess Nikki degrades slave powerfully

Princess Nikki did not have a plate to serve this slave some poo. So she determined to improvise. She made her slave put his mitts next to her butt slot and she poop into his palms. She made the slave not only hold the poop, but eat it as well. To make sure he ate it well, the cruel mistress also peed into a glass and made him drink the pee.

Princess Nikki degrades slave heavily

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Messaling the Beautiful Defecating Bride

Beautiful Messalina looks even more beautiful in her wedding dress, but she still needs to poop. It’s a good thing that her maid man kaviar slave is around so she doesn’t even have to get up from her chair. She catapults her sweet arse to the side while her toilet slave holds his mouth open to eat her fat solid turd. He chews on it and gulps it then goes in for more.

Messaling the Beautiful Shitting Bride

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