Dominatrix shits in library

This domina was alone in the library. She was thirsty and wanted to shit. She pooped on a plastic plate and ate it

Mistress shits in library

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Extreme Outdoor Crap Eating Picnic

These ladies go out to love nature and have a nice picnic. All that food makes them want to take fat shits. That’s why they have their toilet slave tied to a tree. When they are ready to crap, they step inbetween him and the tree and kaviar right into his mouth. This masked toilet slave loves crap eating and will stop at nothing to please his scat mistresses.

Extreme Outdoor Shit Eating Picnic

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Black domme takes a shit for you

This sexy Black domme with big tits loves to share her feces with you and she has a special blast for you. She lays on her back with her gams in the air and then she takes her butt and spreads it apart and thrusts out a large pile of crap. She has it all nicely land on some paper towels and then she lays in front of it with her big tits next to it as she offers it to you.

Ebony mistress takes a shit for you

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Slave gets disciplined for bad cleaning

This domme has come home and found that her slave was attempting to clean the entire room with just a sheet of paper. She is very upset so she determines to penalize him. Very first she shits on the floor and gets her boots filthy and she makes her loser slave clean her boots with his tongue. She then makes him slurp the entire floor clean with his tongue until it is spotless and the kaviar is all gone.

Slave gets punished for bad cleaning

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My Doll Treats Me Like A Dog Feeds Me Her Scat!

I’m a sick creature and my lady knows how to indulge my nasty fetishes. She locks me up in a cell like the obedient dog that I am and prepares my meal for the day. She squats on the floor and unloads her piss and poop on it. She takes me out of the box and I’m excited to have my very first meal in three days! She thrusts my pathetic face on the cup, packing my mug with the filthy combination! I even eaten her ass clean off any shit still lingering in her anus!

My Girl Treats Me Like A Dog Feeds Me Her Scat!

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