Mandy Fores Shits in a Plate

Mandy Flores is a petite scat goddess who loves to play with her feces and piss. She leans over with her sleek and sexy arse and thrusts out a turd the size of her arm right on to a plate. She also fills a glass with her warm piss so she has a total meal for her slave. Will you be her scat slave and eat her shit and drink her piss?

Mandy Fores Shits in a Plate

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Pinknwets Potty Adventures – 042712

Here is a brand fresh potty venture! I embark out with my sexy butt peeking just over the edge of the counter. I grab my beautiful butt and spread my cheeks for you. Wouldn?t you loved to be all up in there? LOL I know you would. I attempt to thrust like this, but lets face it, my tummy was hurting and that was not the most comfy position! ( I am only Four?11 and I was on my tip-toes)So I determined to attempt another way. Squatting seemed to have done the trick, in no time my wonderfully delicious chocolate goo was squeezing right out my my sexy little butthole! You love that don?t you?!? As always I included picture of the aftermath and you get to see me wiping!

Pinknwets Potty Adventures - 042712

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