The 2nd Day for the Human Toilet

The damsels have ready a delicious meal. It is the 2nd day in the slaves house and one of the women after taste the good food and have a coffee, needs to take a shit. She goes to the human toilet and says …

The Second Day for the Human Toilet

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Stringent mistress pisses into slaves mouth

This sexy domina takes and lifts up her plaid skirt as she sits on her portable toilet and makes her slave lay down on the floor underneath of her sexy naked arse. This sexy dominatrix then starts pissing and her hot piss flows down into the slaves open mouth and he drinks her golden nectar as it flows out of her fuckbox and right into his open and very impatient mouth.

Strict mistress pisses into slaves mouth

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Dominatrix Jenny Gina abases friend’s slave

Domina Jenny Gina was asked by her friend to penalize a slave. She loves abjecting slaves and her friend knew that she had not been able to penalize or humiliate any since her slave left. So she asked Jenny Gina to penalize her slave. She took her friend’s slave to the toilet and turned him into her human toilet. She feces on him and made him guzzle her poo. It brought back some great memories and made her feel great.

Mistress Jenny Gina humiliates friend's slave

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Dominatrix shits on her slaves face

This sexy domme truly has to take a poop while she lays in her bed but does not want to get up so she uses her human toilet to take a feces in instead. She sits on his face with her round arse and the thrusts out a log as it grounds right in her slaves mouth. She makes her slave eat her shit and then gets turned on by shitting into his mouth.

Mistress shits on her slaves face

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Gina uses her individual toilet

Gina may be sexy and gorgeous, but there is nothing sweet or appealing about her muddy, moist diarrhea shits that her slave has to eat for her. After trapping him underneath her toilet seat, she spreads her arse cheeks broad so her well used anus is fully open above his mouth. Then she lets her nasty and foul smelling shit slide out of her hole and fall right into his mouth.

Gina uses her personal toilet

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Lady Joice Very first Time P2

Lady Joice love it to observe how Dominatrix Michelle is using the toilet slave and take the cane to give him the support what he need to gulp all her poo because the toilet slave is very slow with his job as a human toilet. The cane do a good job and the slave has guzzled all soon. Then Lady Joice needs a toilet. She uses the toilet slave for her very first time and urinating and shitting him into his slaves mouth.

Lady Joice First Time P2

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Scat Ecstasy

One of my supporters, this time from the UK, came to me to get educated
as a human toilet.
I visited him in his holiday home and began to use him for cleaning
I dumped a cup of coffee on the ground and then permitted him to eat it
up, then I also put the content of the ash-stand to it.
Now it was time to begin his education as a toilet – so I crap a giant
flow into his mouth. Instantly he embarked guzzling it all. He truly
came into an rapture, groaned and idolized me!
Then he was allowed to drink my golden juice. He layed down and opened
his mouth as I slowly started peeing.
I think, now he is really addicted to Lady Chantal!

Scat Ecstasy

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Mistressanna Electrical Torment Human Toilet

High tech slave training: by using electric current I can torment the toilet slave’s penis (which it no longer needs) and keep my arms free of having to touch the heinous creature any more than necessary.
Being able to supply an electrical charge to the ‘dick’ at any time permits me to be playful and carefree as I listen to the music of the screaming sub-human. Its sobs and my laughter are beautiful music. Even as it writhes on the floor its dick gets stiffer. It is trapped by my beauty and its perversion.
I even permit it to gobble my flawless cunt while my ass hole swells and gets fatter and thicker. Eventually my feces comes out leisurely and thickly and lies in a ideal round pile on the toilet’s face.
I stand and kick the slave’s testicles which electrocuting its penis to get it to eat. Then I begin masturbating the slave’s penis with my foot and then my hand, all the while slapping the loser’s balls and ordering it to eat. The slave experiences the taste of shit, the pain of ball slapping, the pleasure of masturbation at the same time, conditioning it to sexualize pain and humiliation. It is never going to have normal sex again.

Mistressanna Electrical Torture Human Toilet

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