Glamour Messalina In Undergarments 10

Scat domination.

Glamour Messalina In Lingerie 10

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Miss Cheyenne and Cara’s Toilet Slave

Miss Cheyenne and Cara Cariss are two crazy and predominant mistresses in black spandex who render their toilet slave vulnerable by wrapping him in plastic. She humiliate him with nasty crap eating and pissing until his face is covered with their waste. Their scat fetish motivates them to piss on their human toilet and crap phat turds in his mouth. They add rimming to his humiliation and won’t even let him up for air.

Miss Cheyenne and Cara's Toilet Slave's Toilet Slave's Toilet Slave

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Lady Sandy’s Kaviar Eating Slobber Slave

Pretty Lady Sandy shows her accomplish predominance over her slave by making him pull a rickshaw, but that’s just the beginning. She has him stop so she can crap in a box and he has to pick it up and eat it. She wants more of his indignity so she makes him arch his head back and open his drool slave head fuckhole so she can fill his mouth with slimy saliva.

Lady Sandy's Shit Eating Spit Slave

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Dominatrix wants to play in the big leagues

This dominatrix desired to play in the big leagues. She did not want to remain in the petite leagues of having to humiliate just one slave and that was it. She dreamed to do it on a large scale. So she opened a class where she instructed mistresses how to penalize and humiliate slaves better and also instructed slaves how they could be better slaves. She had a long waiting list.

Mistress wants to play in the big leagues

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