Dominatrix shits in friends bedroom

I wished to train my friend a lesson. She had been mean to me and I went to her bedroom and took a poop there. I dreamed her to inhale the smelly odor and accidentally step on the shit

Mistress shits in friends bedroom

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Slave degraded cruelly by dominatrix

Few slaves get to be penalized like this slave. Lady Amy went berserk on him and made him sweet the floor with a broom in his mouth. She also made him drink her piss like a dog from a cup. She abased and degraded him to the fullest extent she could manage and to the fullest extent he could take it. Then she laughed at him and told him to go away.

Slave degraded cruelly by mistress

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Domme Nikole humiliates new neighbor

Domme Nikole loves to have joy at the expense of other people. She loves to humiliate and degrade them and because she is pretty, she knows that she can get away with it. Today she met this boy who had just moved to her apartment. She flirted with him and when he was hooked, she took him to her house and made him eat and gulp her poo directly from her anus into his mouth.

Mistress Nikole humiliates new neighbor

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Rosella makes money through scat fetish

Rosella likes to make effortless money. She hates working 8-5 and that is why she leaped at the chance to make some cash from fetish movies. She attempted different genres but eventually lodged on scat fetish movies. She loves them and enjoys how humiliating it is for her slaves and how extreme it is. If it is extreme, you can count her in. And as you can guess, she made a name and money too.

Rosella makes money through scat fetish

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Domina and her scat fetish

This domme knows how to throw a party. That is why her parties are always utter. People know they will have lots of joy at her parties and hence they never leave. Today she had another party and this time, she had a slave who she dreamed her friends to humiliate. And they did this by defecating on his face as well as into his mouth. He had no option but to eat.

Mistress and her scat fetish

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