Dominatrix shits on her slaves face

This sexy domme truly has to take a poop while she lays in her bed but does not want to get up so she uses her human toilet to take a feces in instead. She sits on his face with her round arse and the thrusts out a log as it grounds right in her slaves mouth. She makes her slave eat her shit and then gets turned on by shitting into his mouth.

Mistress shits on her slaves face

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Hot and Messy Kaviar Eating Lesbians

Domme Natalia Martinez is a hot brown-haired feces eating lezzie and so is her female toilet slave Luanna. The doll’s go outdoors for their feces eating because they know how messy they can get. They passionately slurp each other’s assholes while they are shitting. Natalia adds more humiliation to the session by shoving the shit in Luanna’s mouth and leaving her lying on the ground completely covered in smelly scat.

Hot and Messy Shit Eating Lesbians

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Poop Sandwich and Whip Cream

Alexa is a gorgeously hot and sexy dark-haired who prepares a meal for you. It’s a crap sandwich. What does good with a poo sandwich? Whip fluid of course. This horny scat mistress arches over and smears whip cream all over her sexy ass and rubs it around her asshole where she made her shit sandwich. Do you want to be Alexa’s toilet slave and eat her shit sandwich?

Shit Sandwich and Whip Cream

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