Gina uses her individual toilet

Gina may be sexy and gorgeous, but there is nothing sweet or appealing about her muddy, moist diarrhea shits that her slave has to eat for her. After trapping him underneath her toilet seat, she spreads her arse cheeks broad so her well used anus is fully open above his mouth. Then she lets her nasty and foul smelling shit slide out of her hole and fall right into his mouth.

Gina uses her personal toilet

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Hot Jenicha takes a nice kaviar

Jenicha takes you on a visual display as she leads you to the bathroom and shows you how she takes a nice kaviar in the toilet along with her nice golden stream of piss. Jenicha thrusts out a nice long sausage like poo from her pucker letting you see up close every detail. Her poo comes out of her pink hole nice and large and drops down into the toilet cup

Hot Jenicha takes a nice shit

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Domina Samantha gets her revenge

Samantha is an unforgiving domme. When this man made joy of her, she pretended not to hear. She bid her time and when the flawless time for her vengeance came, she took it. She degraded and abjected the stud cruelly. She made him eat her shit and swallow it all. She made him masturbate while eating her shit and did all manner of things to him as punishment for what he did to her.

Mistress Samantha gets her revenge

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Domina Alina enjoys her shit fetish

Domme Alina has a thing for feces. She just likes it and more than anyone else, she likes it. She likes taking food that makes it lighter for her to kaviar. She does it so that she can love her poop fetish with ease. Today she was eating a hamburger and she felt like shitting and she was in the car. She did not bother getting out. She just did her business in the car.

Mistress Alina enjoys her shit fetish

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Pinknwets Potty Adventures – 042712

Here is a brand fresh potty venture! I embark out with my sexy butt peeking just over the edge of the counter. I grab my beautiful butt and spread my cheeks for you. Wouldn?t you loved to be all up in there? LOL I know you would. I attempt to thrust like this, but lets face it, my tummy was hurting and that was not the most comfy position! ( I am only Four?11 and I was on my tip-toes)So I determined to attempt another way. Squatting seemed to have done the trick, in no time my wonderfully delicious chocolate goo was squeezing right out my my sexy little butthole! You love that don?t you?!? As always I included picture of the aftermath and you get to see me wiping!

Pinknwets Potty Adventures - 042712

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Dominatrix Candy the femdom queen

Candy is a mean domme. She likes nothing better than she likes to humiliate and torment slaves and losers. She looks down upon them and will do anything to make them feel abjected and used. She likes to do weird and crazy things and have joy at their expense. She likes to use them as her human ashtrays and also use the slaves and losers as her human toilets as well.

Mistress Candy the femdom queen

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Jenicha dips chips in feces

The feces goddess Jenicha dips chips into her own crap putting the kaviar right into her open mouth. The buxom blonde has a kaviar fetish as she dips the chip and fondles the food and her own poop all over her mouth and tongue. They do not call Jenicha the shit queen for nothing as she loves to do crazy things with her own scat. She loves tasting it all

Jenicha dips chips in shit

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Sexy domme shits on counter

This sexy domme takes her booty and lifts it up towards the counter and shows off her puckered ass hole as she gets ready to shove out a log. She takes and shoves out her long creamy log and grounds it on the counter as she shows off her prize. She then wipes her ass hole and shows you the dirty paper. Finally she tries to push out another log but can not.

Sexy mistress shits on counter

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