Hot and Messy Kaviar Eating Lesbians

Domme Natalia Martinez is a hot brown-haired feces eating lezzie and so is her female toilet slave Luanna. The doll’s go outdoors for their feces eating because they know how messy they can get. They passionately slurp each other’s assholes while they are shitting. Natalia adds more humiliation to the session by shoving the shit in Luanna’s mouth and leaving her lying on the ground completely covered in smelly scat.

Hot and Messy Shit Eating Lesbians

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Miss Cheyenne and Cara’s Toilet Slave

Miss Cheyenne and Cara Cariss are two crazy and predominant mistresses in black spandex who render their toilet slave vulnerable by wrapping him in plastic. She humiliate him with nasty crap eating and pissing until his face is covered with their waste. Their scat fetish motivates them to piss on their human toilet and crap phat turds in his mouth. They add rimming to his humiliation and won’t even let him up for air.

Miss Cheyenne and Cara's Toilet Slave's Toilet Slave's Toilet Slave

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Office Ladies Target The Intern! Utter Movie

The fresh intern has a lot to learn aside from paperwork and basic office duties. He has to learn to take it when the bossy ladies in the office wants to puke, slobber, and piss on him! With the high pay they are providing him, he has no choice but to bear it! These bitches take turns deep throating their nose and letting the snot fall on his face! They shove their fingers up their throats and throw up all over him! They lift their skirts so they can piss on him like a man!

Office Ladies Target The Intern! Full Movie

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Switch Of Power! The Boss And His Servant Chick Part Two

The Fat Pig strings up in the 2nd part of his transformation tied up in the shower and gets a very special Cockring laid out! There he can still scream and beg, the superior maid knows no grace any more! The boss is permitted to see her while pissing, then he has to scrub with the toilet brush in the mouth of the toilet! He is kicked and verbally humiliated by the perverse French Maid with the high heels! [SM Studio Femdom Empire]

Change Of Power! The Boss And His Servant Girl Part 2

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Princess Nikki degrades slave powerfully

Princess Nikki did not have a plate to serve this slave some poo. So she determined to improvise. She made her slave put his mitts next to her butt slot and she poop into his palms. She made the slave not only hold the poop, but eat it as well. To make sure he ate it well, the cruel mistress also peed into a glass and made him drink the pee.

Princess Nikki degrades slave heavily

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Princess Nikki makes breakfast for slave

Princess Nikki is a sexy domina with a hard round booty and no pants on as she makes her slave a special breakfast that he will not leave behind. She gets a plate together with some toast on it already and sits it on the table. She then stands on her toes and uses her palms to spreads her booty open and she thrusts out a long creamy pile of shit on the plate for breakfast.

Princess Nikki makes breakfast for slave

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