Wake-Up time is defecating time!

It was a long party night and her belly feels loaded with soo much poo. Her slave sleeps right at the ground beside her bed and she wants to wake him up too. What’s the best way to do so…? Of course: Defecating! She stands up, positions her butt above his head and unloads lot of soft kaviar right at his face! The sick fellow seems to like it very much, becomes horny and wants to wank his dick… But the brat lady tells him that he is only permitted to jizz if he will jack-off right into his ugly mug!

Wake-Up time is shitting time!

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Resistance Is Futile

Thus a slave neatly gulps our excreta, it is sometimes a long way. To
shorten this, we have our unruly pig motionless, so that it cannot oppose.
Otherwise he would perhaps attempt to crawl away, would writhe and use his
mitts to ward off. I would have to penalize him hardly to break his will.
This is also funny, but too tiring.
So I kaviar in his mouth, drool and piss, Miss Cherie also uses his face as
a total toilet. After some time such a slave works as desired. It is
beautiful to suffer a few days in this position, then it will work
better on its next use. It’s that elementary. *Smile*

Resistance Is Futile

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Man Maid Poo Eating Domination

The beautiful and glowing Messalina sees her abjected poop slave dressed like a maid and crawling around worshipping her feet and bootlicking. She stands up, pulls her pants down and starts tightening to poo. Her toilet slave scurries over and licks her kaviar right from her asshole. He chews it up and swallows it because he worships his scat mistress and would do anything to please her and make her happy.

Man Maid Shit Eating Domination

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Bitch slaves eat piss and poop

I like having my slave over to my place so she can drink my piss and eat my feces and slurp my arse slot clean. It starts with me striking him around for awhile and calling him names and Abjecting him to the point of frustration he indeed wants to drink some hot piss and eat that big long round shit coming out of her nice shaped ass for the slave to eat it up.

Bitch slaves eat piss and shit

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Schoolgirl Attempts Human Toilet For The Very first Time

She’s heard all about human toilets from her friends so she determines to attempt it herself. She scouts for one that is clean and anxious enough for her chunks of feces. She hikes up her skirt, pulls down her undies and then unloads yesterday’s dinner into his mouth. The anxious human toilet guzzles every bit of shit she pushes out of her asshole.

Schoolgirl Tries Human Toilet For The First Time

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