Toilet slave manhandled in the restroom

This scat princess brought her own toilet slave to the restroom – she doesn’t like to use normal toilets anymore – she chooses human ones! He has to put his head on the edge of the toilet cup and she squats down until her ass hole is right above his mouth – and then shits into it! The slave has to eat the long stinky turd she thrusts out of her sexy butt!

Toilet slave abused in the restroom

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Diarrhea Into Mouth Under Toilet Chair

Domina have one of her toilets eventually for use and manhandle. She was dressing in a yellow catsuit and begin abjecting her slave with schlong sucking and drooling/smacking. She adore to use slave face and mouth and she preparing him to get a nice blast of Diarrhea directly into his throat !! She also get the toilet chair, order the slave to assume his position under chair, put a funnel in his mouth and filling his mouth with piss and Diarrhea !!

Diarrhea Into Throat Under Toilet Chair

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Sara Castro uses her human toilet

Sexy Domina Sara Castro has been eating, drinking and smoking all day long and now it is after midnight and she has to take a creamy kaviar. She goes into the locked room where they keep the toilet slave and sits down on the portable toilet above his face. She starts pushing and her creamy but still rigid blast covers his entire face and fills his mouth. She leaves him with a massive pile of poo all over his face.

Sara Castro uses her human toilet

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You’re just a toilet for Cory Pursue

Damn, Cory Pursue is truly hot – unluckily the only use she has for you is to serve her as a human toilet! Yeah, right, she's going to piss and feces into your mouth! Now you're lounging under her toilet chair and get a good view of her sexy butt and g-spot – then she starts to piss. she orders you to guzzle all of her golden nectar before the real act starts. She hasn't taken a shit in 3 days – so open wide – there's a huge load of scat coming for you!

You're just a toilet for Cory Chase

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Domme Anna humiliates poor performing employee

This employee did not meet his targets for the third quarter in a row and domme Anna was not going to stand it any longer. She had to make sure he was adequately motivated to do well. She was providing him his last chance but she had to make sure he was given enough motivation. So she abased him in order for him to associate failure with abasement. She had him eat her poop.

Mistress Anna humiliates poor performing employee

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Hot Jenicha takes a nice kaviar

Jenicha takes you on a visual display as she leads you to the bathroom and shows you how she takes a nice kaviar in the toilet along with her nice golden stream of piss. Jenicha thrusts out a nice long sausage like poo from her pucker letting you see up close every detail. Her poo comes out of her pink hole nice and large and drops down into the toilet cup

Hot Jenicha takes a nice shit

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Domme Gaia shits on slave

Domme Gaia has just returned from railing and still has her railing boots on. Her boots are all muddy and covered in her feces and she makes her slave munch all of the dirty contents from the bottom of her smelly boots. The slave lies on the floor like a good little subjugated while Domina Gaia sits high and mighty in her chair and rubs the shit on his face.

Mistress Gaia shits on slave

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Fresh Meal For My Toilet Slaves

Godess prepare in this weekend a fresh meal for her toilets. She expulse a big poo into a cup then she call her toilets for a nice meal.
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New Meal For My Toilet Slaves

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