Domme Gaia at her friend’s house

Domme Gaia was visiting a friend and urgently needed to go to the toilet. But the bathroom was way too clean that she didn’t dreamed to make anything dirty and so she ordered her slave to take care of her crap…

Mistress Gaia at her friend's house

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Domme Diana uses her human toilet

Domina Diana is a sexy domina that takes her slave and has him hidden under her bed and uses him whenever she needs to go to the bathroom. She has to take a poop so she takes and pulls him part way out from under the bed and takes off her undies and squats down over his face. Ultimately she takes and shits all over his face and into his open mouth.

Mistress Diana uses her human toilet

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Slaves face covered by kaviar

The dominatrix takes a nice brown feces into the silver cup and then thrusts her willing slaves face into the cup to cover his face with all of her stinky kaviar. He gets his face nice and brown and stinky with all of her crap and as a reward he gets to lick his mistress feet. She sticks his head into the bowl with her sexy foot.

Slaves face covered by shit

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Dominatrix Anna Pov Feces And Piss Eating Duties

The moment you have been slaving towards. you are in my toilet. My divine arse fills your world. There is nothing but my beautiful beaver and ass hole in your field of vision. This is what it is like to be not in a toilet, but to be a toilet.
You see nothing but my anus and hear nothing but my voice. You hear the words a toilet hears. “lick my butt,” “deeper”, “drink my piss”. I am on my period so you get the pink piss from my sacred womanhood. Then I tell you to open your mouth and keep it open. You know why. You see your food come out in a stable stream. Then, just as if you were actually experiencing the honor of being my toilet, I stay for the time it takes for you to accurately clean my booty. You will spend minutes gawping in rapture at the heavenly orifice while you play with your little dick and listen to me tell you what you are, a pervert, a pig, a loser.
Eventually, in my boundless grace, I determine to let you jizz. I give you a count down. Make sure you obey my orders for they are the law of your soul whether I am physically present or not. Of course I order you to eat your spunk once you have finished. Whatever is hideous goes in your mouth from now on, TOILET.

Mistress Anna Pov Shit And Piss Eating Duties

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Pushing Feces in Her Slave’s Mouth

Domme Karoline is a scat mistress and looks sexy even when she’s making her slave eat her poop. She sits on his mouth and entirely fills his mouth with her kaviar. His mouth starts overflowing so she furthers his abasement by using her foot to shove the smelly turds deep into his mouth making him eat them and guzzle them or he will choke on them. This is a very extreme scat video.

Shoving Shit in Her Slave's Mouth's Mouth's Mouth

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Fullservice Toilet In The Classroom

A mobile toilet is helpful if the school toilet is blocked by construction work. My slave has to guzzle plenties, I had eaten neatly pepperoni and garlic the day before and had not been since then. In the classroom now, all wished to come out and my slave bravely put his mouth to disposition. Also Miss Jane had to poo, what my slave had also to eat. Of course, he has guzzled also our urinate while we maltreated his ball sack.

Fullservice Toilet In The Classroom

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