His very first time with caviar

A fresh toilet slave wants to taste the scat of domina Michelle. Sure she gives him his introduction – but that's not a soft one at all; she shoots her turds straight into his mouth so that he slightly can chew before he guzzles her poo deep down. Michelle doesn't give him so much attention, at very first he has to eat some more crap to prove that he's a functional and well behaved toilet slave!

His first time with caviar

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Mistresses piss into slaves mouth

The evening is almost over and all the sexy mistresses are getting ready for bed and have to take their final piss of the evening. One by one the sexy stunners come into the room and sits down on the portable toilet with their slave laying on the floor underneath of them. They then begin pissing all over him and cover him with their fresh warm golden showers and let him drink their fresh hot piss.

Mistresses piss into slaves mouth

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Inlet With My Urinate

My – assfuck Sub – must wait on all fours in the shower with me. I have given him a very large funnel. My instruction to him: Put the funnel in your worthless booty and wait for my figure warm urinate enema! This Piss experience I then missed him. His ass was literally flooded my delicious Pee

Inlet With My Pee

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