Unloading Piss & Crap On Pathetic Slave! Utter Movie

She stands over her slave, who is fettered and masked and ready to accept his penalty. She gives him some make-out by providing him some light whipping. She sits on his face and makes him munch her cunt and pooper. She stands over him and concentrates hard, prepping to unload the shit and piss she’s been holding in for hours.

Unloading Piss & Shit On Pathetic Slave! Full Movie

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Feces Pie alternative view

OK, this is an alternative view of the act in the Poo PIE movie, shot up close and private with an HD camera and uploaded in total HD. If you want to see the poo coming out of my booty so clear you would swear you can smell it, then this is for you! You won’t see the kitchen scenes, but you will get a view of the poop and piss as it comes out of me and then a nice close up of me ending the pie.

Poop Pie alternative view

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The Mask Part 6 Gabi

Here we have a Movie that was very powerful on our Slave. The Rock Toilet weights 12 KG plus the Lady around 50 KG and then the Slave left with the Option gulp swift or not breath, which created big Problems, but at the End The Slave won by guzzling all and prompt. A Camera is mounted in the Back of this Toilet and shows clearly what happens inwards.

The Mask Part 6 Gabi

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Three sexy mistresses use toilet slave

Lady Angie, Lady Grace and their fresh friend Princess Nikki are all stringing up out together and find themselves a little bit bored. They determine to have some joy with their loser toilet slave and they take him and make him lay down on the floor in the bathroom. They then make him open his mouth and one at a time they all three of them kaviar into his mouth and make him eat it all.

Three sexy mistresses use toilet slave

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Domina Gaia marks with her shit

Domme Gaia is a stunning domina who is instructing her loser slave a lesson about who is master is. She has him tied up so he can not budge and she shits into his mouth and once his mouth is wedged with her creamy poop she takes come of her feces with her fingers and writes her initials on his chest. She makes him leave her mark on his chest all day long to remind him who his dominatrix is.

Mistress Gaia marks with her shit

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Sip Urinate Of Jane And Cherie

Our fresh slave is used as a toilet for the very first time. This loser looks
truly unstable, so as a precaution we immovable him defenseless. That was
actually a good decision, because he vehemently attempted to stand up
against his piss packing for defense, he begs for grace …. begs us to
let him free, he sobs and sobs despairingly that we should stop. But
such rights has not a slave! We of course use it as we want, and as long
as we want. Miss Jane and Miss Cherie urinated nice over his mouth, and then
we have repeatedly spit in his mouth, which he did not like. But what
the hell, who was born as a slave cannot choose his fate.

Sip Pee Of Jane And Cherie

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