Domina Missy never ever fails

Domme Missy told her slave to get the fuck over to her house quick. She instructed him to assume the fucking position and she pulled her pants down. The slave already knew to open his mouth and commence to eat whatever falls out of her ass hole. The slave is going to have a hard task ahead of him, because she has a lot of crap.

Mistress Missy never ever fails

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Mistress Victoria shits into slaves mouth

Mistress Victoria is a sexy dominatrix who has her slave well trained to be her human toilet and eat all of her poop and piss. She sits on the edge of the bathtub and has her arse stringing up over the edge of the bathtub with her slave laying on the floor underneath of her butt. She then starts pushing out her creamy poop and it lands into her slaves mouth and he eats every bit of her creamy shit.

Domina Victoria shits into slaves mouth

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Lady Sandy’s Kaviar Eating Slobber Slave

Pretty Lady Sandy shows her accomplish predominance over her slave by making him pull a rickshaw, but that’s just the beginning. She has him stop so she can crap in a box and he has to pick it up and eat it. She wants more of his indignity so she makes him arch his head back and open his drool slave head fuckhole so she can fill his mouth with slimy saliva.

Lady Sandy's Shit Eating Spit Slave

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Domina Alina enjoys her shit fetish

Domme Alina has a thing for feces. She just likes it and more than anyone else, she likes it. She likes taking food that makes it lighter for her to kaviar. She does it so that she can love her poop fetish with ease. Today she was eating a hamburger and she felt like shitting and she was in the car. She did not bother getting out. She just did her business in the car.

Mistress Alina enjoys her shit fetish

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The Divine Poop And Piss Of Your Domina For Your Toilet Mouth! Part Two

Here you see the 2nd part where I, an extra toilet slave. pack with my divine kaviar and piss. After a nice turd was plopped into the mouth of the slave, the slave had to, under my austerities instructions , eat my feces. After the mouth was empty, he had the crap and my piss that had landed on the floor gobble and slurp and guzzle everything. As a reward the slave then was allowed to jerk off one and injected onto a plate and then lick the plate clean and swallow his sperm!

The Divine Shit And Piss Of Your Mistress For Your Toilet Mouth! Part 2

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Domina Gaia makes slave eat nasty poop

Domina Gaia is a stunning domina wearing just her hooter-sling and a black face mask as she gets ready to feed her loser slave. She squats down and then makes her slave hold out his mitts and she shits right into his arms. She makes him hold her warm pile of crap and then tells him to eat all of her creamy poop right out of his forearms until it is all gone.

Mistress Gaia makes slave eat nasty shit

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Dominatrix Rosella gets what she wanted

Domme Rosella is a violent dominatrix. She does not care what she does as long as she gets what she wants. This dude had refused to give her some information she dreamed. She attempted to play nice and he did not. Then she showcased him her other side. She made him her bitch and she forced him to eat her shit. When she was done, he gave her even information she did not need.

Mistress Rosella gets what she wanted

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