Prick to shit is so wrong

A domina can be enormously sick and demented when she is getting ready to shove out a nice big geyser of kaviar right on her slave. Instead of pushing it into his mouth, she is going to make the slave wank off and get hard, and then force him to permit his rod to touch her warm turds as they are falling out of her ass. She can be really cruel and humiliating to a slave.

Cock to shit is so wrong

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Your Mouth Meets My Toilet

Come on loser, you’ll clean my toilette with your slave tongue. You’re nothing but a dirty toilet cleaning bitch. The toilet wasn’t cleaned in fairly a while? Well, not my problem as long as we can use your tongue to clean it!
Of course you get something to drink too – the water from my toilet – and the toilet paper for dessert – just like you deserve before i press your head into the cup !!!
(Original Princess-Jenny Clip "Rank Three" only for my individual cash machines)

Your Mouth Meets My Toilet

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Dominatrix Gaia smothers slave with shit

Dominatrix Gaia is a sexy and superior dominatrix who wants to penalize her loser slave for being such a loser. She takes a steaming pile of kaviar on her slaves face and covers his mouth and nose with her stinky crap. She shows this slave no grace as she covers her hands with gloves and piles the shit pile on the slaves nose nice and tight so that he can not breathe at all.

Mistress Gaia smothers slave with shit

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I have something tasty for you…!

Noelia has heard that you are greedy and so she determines to prepare something very tasty for you. She ate three delicious chocolate cakes yesterday and now she produces some nice cookies for you too! She shits directly on a plate. With some banana split and juices she improves it even more! Now the only thing you have to do is open your mouth – and eat everything from the plate!!!

I have something tasty for you...!

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Fresh Slave Introduced! Part 2

Have another and fresh slave taken in my care, and introduced him to my training as a ideal and obedient toilet slave! Here in Part Two you see how Dominatrix Mel-Miley, the fresh slaves administered as much piss in his mouth that he only gasped and then could no longer than I desired to piss in his mouth him again. Well then mouth a bit too taken fully, the fresh slave. He had previously still tinged he gulps everything from us! Which user would sometimes gulp our horny piss or hot chocolate and manages to swallow our delicious body exudates ?!

New Slave Introduced! Part 2

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