Violent dominatrix Anna makes slave eat shit

Domina Anna is a dominatrix with no regard for her slaves. That is because she thinks of them as worthless. She likes to do anything she wants to them whenever she feels like. She had observed scat fetish movies online and she had to attempt it on her slave. She went home and used her slave as her human toilet. She made him eat her poop and he had to finish it.

Cruel mistress Anna makes slave eat shit

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Lot of poo in his mouth

Wow, this is truly hard to believe! But the slave was so keen that I had to serve him some more scat. I didn't want to wait him any longer and so I lowered my hot arse above his head, ordered him to open his mouth – and embarked defecating right into it! I'm dominatrix Isabella – and I display no grace! So ultimately it was a happy end – at least for me…! *g*

Lot of shit in his mouth

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