Domina Gaia punishes slave cruelly

Domina Gaia is not a domina you want to piss off especially if you are her slave. She is one unforgiving domme and she likes penalizing people for doing something she does not like. This slave was fresh and he did not know. But he soon found out when she used him as her human toilet. She crap on his face and made him lick her shit and swallow it. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Gaia punishes slave cruelly

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Hot Jenicha shoves out massive shit

Hot Jenicha is a sexy brown-haired domme and she truly has to take a massive poop and piss! She sits on a chair covered in a white sheet and she lifts up her gams and pulls her butt apart so you can see her taut anus as she pushes out her massive shit log. As she pushes out the shit she pisses all over at the same time and now she wants you to come and eat all of her shit and piss.

Hot Jenicha pushes out massive shit

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Dirty Piss Party 03 (Nikki Cam)

I invited my adorable little friend Asian Princess to come and humiliate my subs. These pathetic creatures is worth what they have coming, and a coming it will be.. 😉
My friend want to pack up their pathetic throats with her urinate, so I order the slave to lie down and get ready. It is very hot outside, and I tell him that this will be the only beverages he will receive this day! So either drink our piss, or suffer from dehydration and the penalty for not following my orders!
Very first my friend fights to piss, so I take charge, and commence pissing in both my subs throats. They should be so fortunate receiving these precious golden showers from a beautiful Princess like me! After emptying my bladder, my friend is ready and fill up the subs pathetic mouths with her precious pee as well.

Dirty Piss Party 03 (Nikki Cam)

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