Dominatrix Messalina in a red dress

Domina Messalina is such a delightful woman that loves to look sexy. She has a natural talent with a whip. She also is superb at treating her slave like the lump of feces he indeed is. The sexy dominatrix is going to pull her dress down, so that she is able to sit on her homemade toilet with no bottom and kaviar right on his face.

Mistress Messalina in a red dress

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Guzzling Fat Turds Side Angle Mobile Recorded

Romanian Queen Margo is back again, more kinky, to play with her slave. She accept to make more movies with us and she will become more kinky, more perverse and more bizarre further. Today she call her toilet slaves and dress him in a massive hosiery pink cocoon. She use him and manhandle him, facesitting him and hitting him as she wish, all until she feel that her crap was ready to be delivered into a thirsty mouth. She also eat a banana whle she standing on his mouth, asphixiated him with her arse on mouth, and she hit him with banana after she eat the banana. After abjecting him with striking and suffocation, she was ready for the main part : massive meal with chewing and gulping, all at Queen request. When she spotted that futile toilet slave cannot ingest effortless her royal meal, she apply a little pressure with her palm in glove, deepthroating his mouth until all gone into tummy. Hope you love the perversity of Goddes Margo and depravity of her Toilet slave, who indeed adore to eat her feces for real !!! She put also some milk into his mouth to help him to digest lighter his fresh meal in this morning. This movie was recorded with Huawei lite p9 from the side angle, for who want to see the activity from this part.

Swallowing Huge Turds Side Angle Mobile Recorded

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Victoria loves her long turds

Victoria is a pretty stunner, but she loves to feast the holidays. She is going to put on her Santa hat and sit on a chair. She will lean over so she can thrust out a yam-sized long turd. The turd will be brown and very solid. She is so glad to display off her talents, and select the fortunate slave that will clean up the poop.

Victoria loves her long turds

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Three Women Take morning shit

The slave pays all the food that the chicks eat. They choose the best dishes and the slave pays all. Last night the ladies dined seafood salad and pheasant with mushrooms in a expensive restaurant. The next morning he can love the same dinner once digested for the doll’s. This time the slave has received all the food in the form of crap until his face is fully covered.

Three Girls Take morning shit

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Big Turd In Slave’S Mouth!!!

I haven’t taken a poo in Two days and boy do I have to go! This time I get my Toilet Slave to get down on his knees and beg for my goodness! I get him to lay his head back in the toilet cup as I proceed to torment him with my piss all over his face and order him to open broad while I take one of my thickest shits ever right into his filthy little mouth! After doing my business I get to wipe my delicious scat all over his face and yes…he loves it!!!

Big Turd In Slave'S Mouth!!!'S Mouth!!!'S Mouth!!!

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