Poop Sandwich and Whip Cream

Alexa is a gorgeously hot and sexy dark-haired who prepares a meal for you. It’s a crap sandwich. What does good with a poo sandwich? Whip fluid of course. This horny scat mistress arches over and smears whip cream all over her sexy ass and rubs it around her asshole where she made her shit sandwich. Do you want to be Alexa’s toilet slave and eat her shit sandwich?

Shit Sandwich and Whip Cream

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Princes Nikki and her regular defecating

Princess Nikki always can tell you the same story: She slurps the diner and then she has to kaviar late at night! But this time there was a stupid toilet slave nearby so there is no need to go to the usual toilet. The stupid sucker has to lay down below her butt. Then she starts to grab her arse cheeks and leisurely presses a lean sausage out of her taut butthole – right into the gob of the loser!

Princes Nikki and her regular shitting

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Mess From My Toilet

You didn’t clean my toilet decently dirtbag – so you’ll just eat the mess from my sexy feet – woe you’ll be disgusted! Come on, open your fucking mouth and suck it from my footwear very first and next from the most awesome feet in the world – the feet of your princess!
(Original Princess-Jenny Movie "Rank Trio" only for my personal cash machines)

Dirt From My Toilet

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Domme punishes her undisciplined slave

This dominatrix does not joke when it comes to discipline. She likes to make sure that her slaves are as disciplined as they can possibly be. Anyone who is not invites her ire. And it is never pretty when she wants to discipline a slave. Like she wished to do today. She made her slave lie down and she pooped onto his face. She made him eat her poop as penalty. That did the trick.

Mistress punishes her undisciplined slave

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Close-up of Poo Eating Toilet Slave

This scat fetish domina has a colon utter of big turds and a bladder utter of piss ready for this toilet slave. This extreme close-up shows her slit as she fills his mouth with piss then she thrusts out a phat turd. He opens his mouth to receive the massive crap. It fills his mouth quick as he chews to get it down. He doesn’t want to miss one chunk.

Close-up of Shit Eating Toilet Slave

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Joschi becomes covered with lot of kaviar

Slave Joschi is manhandled by Bizarrlady Jessica as a living toilet. However not for her golden shower only but also for her caviar. It must gobble itself into the bathtub nakedly and be left receptively. The Dirty-Queen faces with the feet on the brim of the bathtub and tells itself an enema tube into its butt.

Joschi becomes covered with lot of shit

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Nasty fastfood-shit for living toilet

Two big booties will be his doom! The two ladies ate a bunch of greasy quick food and have to take a poop now. They use their slave whose mouth is already opened broad to receive amazingly foul poo today. One after another the ladies release their phat turds and can't hold back the thick piles. The slave's mouth is already packed up to the top, but this only means he has to eat faster to clear space!

Nasty fastfood-shit for living toilet

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Domme Victoria shits into slaves mouth

Domme Victoria is sitting on the edge of the bathtub with her sexy nude booty draping over the edge and her feet on the bottom of the bathtub. Her loser slave is laying on the bathroom floor and his mouth is broad open and right under his mistresses sexy butt. He is anxiously waiting for her shit to come out of her ass and fall right into his mouth so that he can eat every single bite of her creamy shit logs.

Domina Victoria shits into slaves mouth

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