Noelia shits on the book

Sexy black doll Noelia has found the book that the slave was reading and she ruins the end of the book for him as she uses the last few pages to wipe the crap from her arse aftre she takes a kaviar on the toilet seat. The scat slave won’t know what happened at the end of the book because the last few pages have been used as toilet paper by her.

Noelia shits on the book

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Make joy of this overstrained pig

It's so much joy to torment stupid, overstrained slaves like him. The mistresses make joy of him and his inability to cope with the situation. He doesn't have the nutsack to defend himself against them and lies vulnerably on the floor. Then his mistresses fondle their dirty butt-holes on his face to welcome him to his fresh fate. After that they shit their acid mud on his chest and comminute it all over his fat, hairy body.

Make fun of this overstrained pig

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Domme Margo dared to attempt scat fetish

Domina Margo loves having all kinds of joy. As long as it promises to be arousing, she will do it. Today her friend dared her to attempt scat fetish and movie gauze it. She agreed. She got a hot boy and lied to him that she would fuck his brains out but ended up shitting on him and making him drink her pee. To date, she has never failed on a dare.

Mistress Margo dared to try scat fetish

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