Monstrous crap pile on his face

This slave receives a phat bunge of poo on his face, and every time one turd has flipped up on his face, the Dominatrix thrusts it deeper into his mouth with her sneakers to make space for the turds that are next to come. He has to stand several courses and already should been utter of crap, but however he's already eaten the half of it, still the remaining shit is stacking on his face.

Monstrous shit pile on his face

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Schoolgirls Crap On Me And I Love It! Utter Movie

As their prof, I’ve been wanting to flunk these spoiled ladies because they haven’t been to school much. But these bitches know my weakness and they want to give me what I want?.fresh scat! After school, they went to my apartment and then they unwrap me off my clothes and chained my wrists. They take turns sitting over my face and unloading smelly scat, which I took all in my mouth. They kaviar on a glass cup and they make me eat it, which I did without protest.

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! Full Movie

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Domme Gaia tries scat fetish

Domina Gaia loves to attempt fresh things. Today she was attempting the defecating fetish which she had seen online. She was antsy to attempt it and she looked for a slave and she got one. She undressed in front of him and he thought for a minute that he would get to enjoy all the goodies this hot mistress had to offer. But instead, he was forced to eat her shit.

Mistress Gaia tries scat fetish

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It tastes like poo but feels like piss!

Holy poo, what does the dominatrix ate before…!? Her feces is sooo liquid that it feels more than being urinate… but it still tastes like poo! The slave has a nice view at her anus while the brown shower grounds right into his mouth, covers his face – And the best thing is that he is allowed to wank his pathetic dick while drinking up everything!

It tastes like shit but feels like pee!

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Princess Nikki in the sun

Princess Nikki loves to be in the sun relieving. She also loves it when she sits with her gams broad open. Her gams are so broad open that she has her slave under her chair. She proceeds to take a big feces right into his mouth. She also cleans him with a huge warm piss right to the face of her human toilet. What a great time.

Princess Nikki in the sun

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Domme Gaia uses slaves tongue

Dominatrix Gaia is a sexy domme who has her own individual slave who is her human toilet paper. She has her slave with her all the time so when she takes a massive poop she has her slave ready to take a massive crap. She then gets on her forearms and knees and she puts her butt in her slaves face so he can gets commenced. She then has him slurp her ass clean and eat all the shit on her ass after taking a shit.

Mistress Gaia uses slaves tongue

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Superior females are shitting

A toilet slave had better be ready for all of these women. Not only are these women hard-core, they also do not give a fuck either. They are going to hold going to the bathroom for as long as possible, because they are waiting for their slave. Each one of them is going to take a gigantic poo right into a slave’s mouth. It is going to be enormously hard-core and messy.

Dominant females are shitting

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