Domme takes a dump on slave

This domina loves it when she degrades a slave and she was abasing her latest slave. She made the slave be her human toilet and he had to eat all that shit from her

Mistress takes a dump on slave

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Spurting A Diarrhea On My Two Bisexual Toilets

Dominatrix was horny again and wished both of her toilets in this movie. She call them and order them to suck each other for her pleasure. After she is tired to see some bisexual play, she pack their mouth with her piss and feed them with a nice Diarrhea, directly through her stockings . . .into their throats. They are permitted to stroke dicks until they cumm.

Spurting A Diarrhea On My 2 Bisexual Toilets

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Mandy Flores gets her crap eaten

Domina Mandy Flores made her slave a tasty treat as she packed a pastic container with her creamy feces and even put her ass fucking beads in the container after spending several hours in her booty! Then the container was put in the mail and spent the time in the fever of Texas before arriving to him. He opened the container with her stinky crap in it and gobbles her shit covered cookies and sucks her dirty anal beads dry.

Mandy Flores gets her shit eaten

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Booty Quakes takes crap on slave

Sexy bbw domme Booty Quakes sits her big butt down on a portable toilet and makes her slave lay on his back underneath of her so that his head is ideally aligned with her round butt. This is her very first time ever using a human toilet and she is jumpy to crap on his face. But the nervousness soon fades away as she starts pushing her creamy explosion all over her slaves face and has him eat it all!

Booty Quakes takes shit on slave

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