The 2nd Day for the Human Toilet

The damsels have ready a delicious meal. It is the 2nd day in the slaves house and one of the women after taste the good food and have a coffee, needs to take a shit. She goes to the human toilet and says …

The Second Day for the Human Toilet

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Black domme takes a shit for you

This sexy Black domme with big tits loves to share her feces with you and she has a special blast for you. She lays on her back with her gams in the air and then she takes her butt and spreads it apart and thrusts out a large pile of crap. She has it all nicely land on some paper towels and then she lays in front of it with her big tits next to it as she offers it to you.

Ebony mistress takes a shit for you

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#279 Shitty Pink Panty

I need to release the poop out of my big Queen arse. I get on my knees ready for you to idolize the poo pouring out of my ass hole. My poop pours out like creamy chocolate, and it feels so good getting it out of my figure. I permit you to smooch my dirty anus as I thrust my anus making sure all of my shit if out of my ass. I put on my dirty pink cotton thong to wipe clean my chocolate treats I left behind. My awaiting panty servant will be very pleased that I messed up my thongs even more! Worship my worn shit stained thong! Message me if you desire to buy my dirty worn panties and have video showing Goddess preparing how dirty they get for you to worship!

#279 Shitty Pink Thong

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Stringent mistress pisses into slaves mouth

This sexy domina takes and lifts up her plaid skirt as she sits on her portable toilet and makes her slave lay down on the floor underneath of her sexy naked arse. This sexy dominatrix then starts pissing and her hot piss flows down into the slaves open mouth and he drinks her golden nectar as it flows out of her fuckbox and right into his open and very impatient mouth.

Strict mistress pisses into slaves mouth

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Dominatrix Jenny Gina abases friend’s slave

Domina Jenny Gina was asked by her friend to penalize a slave. She loves abjecting slaves and her friend knew that she had not been able to penalize or humiliate any since her slave left. So she asked Jenny Gina to penalize her slave. She took her friend’s slave to the toilet and turned him into her human toilet. She feces on him and made him guzzle her poo. It brought back some great memories and made her feel great.

Mistress Jenny Gina humiliates friend's slave

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